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Hydropower projects

Renewables First offers feasibility, design, consenting and installation expertise for hydropower projects throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality projects in the most cost effective way.

If this is your first encounter with hydropower the different options and engineering details can seem daunting at first. Hydro Engineering is one of those disciplines that benefits greatly from experience, so it is always a wise decision to work with an experienced hydropower contractor.

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Windpower projects

Renewables First can take a wind project from initial feasibility study, through the consenting stages and on to installation. For some clients we take consented sites and take care of everything at the installation stage to see the project through to completion.

Like all renewables technologies, wind power is a complicated area for the unfamiliar. There are good, mediocre and bad wind turbines out there, so it is important to work with a specialist wind company with experience and knowledge of how to deliver good quality and reliable projects.

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