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Renewables First trial GoFlo self cleaning screen

Renewables First trial GoFlo self cleaning screen
Renewables First - GoFlo self cleaning water intake screen

Renewables First: GoFlo self cleaning water intake screen installed at Catcombe Mill

As a company we have also applied our experience, skills and knowledge to the task of product innovation and development. Over the last year, with the help of grant funding from a scheme called, Innovation for Growth, one of our design engineers, Matt Hill, has been working on the design and development of Renewables First’s very own GoFlo system.

Renewables First - GoFlo self cleaning screen

Renewables First: GoFlo self cleaning screen.

The Goflo self cleaning screen meets all fisheries and eel regulations and exclude debris down to 2 mm in size. GoFlo incorporates a range of innovative features, including a self-cleaning rotating mesh screen, and an innovative mounting system using a special pivoting-foot and guide rail to allow quick and simple removal and re-installation. The GoFlo self cleaning screen also incorporates a sophisticated control system that is web-enabled for remote operation, programming and diagnostics, as well as range of other features that make GoFlo a unique system, including its ability to be easily scaled up or down to suit a range of applications and uses.

The design is now almost ready to be introduced to the market. With this in mind a team of our engineers recently installed a complete system on one of the hydropower schemes that we have recently installed. Whilst undergoing final testing of GoFlo in-situ, we will continue to look at how we will market and manufacture GoFlo units.


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