The Hydro and Wind Company Securing a clean energy future, profitably

Site owner looking for investment

By leasing just a small footprint of land to a renewables investors you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy without taking any financial risks.

Get started by checking the suitability of your site ( for wind ) and the lease rental income you could expect to receive. This income is typically 10% of the annual income generated by the turbines – check the annual gross income in the links below.

If the project progresses, rest assured that we only install high quality, appropriately sited turbines, which will maximise efficiency and ensure that your project has the best possible chance of gaining consent.

If you’re ready to take the site further, get in touch to discuss further.

There is a wealth of information to help you understand your project in the Wind Learning Centre and the Hydro Learning Centre but you might want to learn more with the information in the following pages:



Are you considering a low carbon renewable energy project?

Renewables First have considerable experience and full project capability, from initial feasibility studies through to system design and installation for hydro, wind and water source heat pump systems.

Read more about renewable energy in our Hydro Learning Centre and Wind Learning Centre. Alternatively, contact us about a feasibility study today.

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