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Hydropower Introduction

Hydropower introduction

Introduction to hydropower

By way of hydropower introduction, ‘small hydropower’ actually means less than 1 MW power output, while ‘micro hydropower’ is less than 100 kW. Typically a small hydro system could power 1,000 ‘average’ homes, and a micro hydro system could power 100 homes, which by most peoples standards is actually quite big!

Small and micro hydropower engineering are both disciplines that benefit greatly from many years of experience, so it is always wise to work with an experienced hydropower consultant. Renewables First have over 14 years experience designing and building small and micro hydropower systems and have a proven track record of delivering high quality, reliable and award winning installations. Renewables First have a full project capability from initial site finding, feasibility assessments, planning and environmental consenting, outline and detailed design, installation and post construction support.

We offer feasibility studies, consenting, design and installation services and expertise and pride ourselves on delivering high quality projects in the most cost effective way.

Learn more about the details of hydropower in our Hydropower Learning Centre.

Hydropower Introduction – Timeline for building a typical small hydro or micro hydro project

Typical project stages and timeline for a small hydro and micro hydro project

Typical project stages and timeline for a small hydro and micro hydro project

Small and micro hydro projects don’t happen quickly because of the amount of design work and the not-insignificant regulatory hurdles that must be overcome. The construction/installation phase is also quite lengthy, so most projects take two to three years to complete. The process is shown graphically on the diagram above to give you an idea of what is involved.

Are you considering a hydropower project ?

Renewables First have considerable experience as a hydro consultant and have a full project capability, from initial feasibility study through to system design and installation.

The first step to develop any hydropower site is to conduct a full feasibility study.

Contact us about a feasibility study today!

Once complete, you will understand the site potential and be guided through the next steps to develop your project. You can read more about hydropower in our Hydro Learning Centre.

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