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Can I use hydro off-grid and be independent?

Yes, but it is generally prohibitively expensive and not worth the extra complexity. Using hydro off-grid means that you need more expensive types of equipment / generator and much more complex control systems, and a means of storing energy (or dumping it) becuase the overall electrical system must be balanced.

In the UK we are very fortunate in having one of the best electricity distribution networks in the world. Most people only have one or two power cuts a year, and even these are often of short duration or during the night when it doesn’t really matter. Because our distribution network is so reliable, it is much simpler technically and much more cost effective to be grid connected, and effectively use the grid as a giant battery to dump surplus energy to and draw energy from as required – however if power to the grid fails the the hydro power system will shut down.

If you really want to use hydro off-grid then we can design and supply a suitable system, but as a ballpark estimate assume it will add 25% to the project cost, and the resulting system will be more complex and require more maintenance.

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