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Baulker Farm wind turbine running

Baulker Farm wind turbine running
renewables first - baulker farm wind turbine

Renewables First – EWT DW54 500 kW Baulker Farm wind turbine.

The image above shows the fully installed Baulker Farm wind turbine, neatly located in between two new chicken sheds.

Situated on one of the highest points in Nottinghamshire, the 500 kW Baulker Farm wind turbine is performing to expectation and makes the site almost self sufficient in electricity.

In terms of operational usage, the site is not effected by the presence of the turbine at all. This is due to the fact that the wind turbine is located away from the main farm operations, sandwiched between the chicken sheds. Furthermore, the site manager who lives within close proximity to the site, claims that the wind turbine performs almost silently.

Renewables First has project managed the design and installation of the scheme from the instant the client obtained planning permission – although we could have done that too!

Renewables First was hired for their experience and expertise in project managing similar projects throughout the UK. The project was successfully managed in a relatively short time frame of roughly 5 months – even allowing for the fact that the initial turbine supplier ceased trading and that the wind turbine foundations had to be redesigned and modified to accommodate the switch to using an EWT turbine.




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