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Installing the lower wind turbine tower section

Installing the lower wind turbine tower section
renewables first - lower section of the wind turbine tower

Renewables First – Lower section of the wind turbine tower.

With the turbine foundations completed, the site was ready for the DW54 EWT 500 kW wind turbine tower sections to be installed.

First to arrive was the enormous 1,000 tonne crane. This was a 1000 tonne mobile crane, required to lift the huge 30 tonne tower sections and generator up and over the chicken shed!

Next to arrive was the wind turbine tower sections on two separate vehicles, each carrying half of the two-section 50 metre turbine tower.  The main photograph above shows the lower section arriving.

For the installation to take place, relatively still weather conditions were required and in that respect we were lucky, as perfect conditions prevailed.

renewables first - turbine tower sections at baulker farm

Renewables First – Lifting the wind turbine tower.

The first in the sequence of photos shows the lower section of the wind turbine tower being lifted off the lorry. The 30-tonne tower section then had to be lifted over the chicken shed to the turbine foundations.

The smaller crane is holding the lower / back end of the tower section to ensure both stability and that the lowest hanging part of the tower does not touch or scrape the ground.



As soon as the section is vertical, the main crane takes over – as can be seen in the photograph (below left). The picture (below right) shows the lower tower section being slowly manouvred into place above the foundation plinth.  The large wooden box encloses the inverter and the tower section is lowered around this.

The photograph shows that although many aspects of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering require sophisticated equipment, the human element is still crucial in ensuring that all things line up and fit properly. As the tower section is lowered, it is the human eye that ensures that the base of the tower slots onto the foundation, before it is bolted down securely.

“Left a bit, right a bit, down a bit!”

renewables first - lowering the turbine tower section

Renewables First – Lower turbine tower section

renewables first - lowering the turbine tower section

Renewables First – Lowering turbine tower












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