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Blacktoft Nursery wind turbine

Blacktoft Nursery wind turbine
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500 kW wind turbine proposed for Blacktoft Nursery (EWT DW54).

The Blacktoft Nursery wind turbine is to be located on flat, arable farmland near Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire, and is ideally suited for a wind turbine to power its commercial growing business.

Home to the UK’s largest grower of cucumbers, the site uses around 650,000 kWh of electricity per year and our client is keen to locally generate as much of this as possible from renewable energy.

A feasibility study for a wind turbine development has been completed and returned a positive verdict for installation of a single medium-scale turbine, with the potential to not only offset the nursery’s demand for electricity, but also export a significant amount to the local grid.

With this in mind, Renewables First has been hired to provide a turnkey package to design, specify and install the Blacktoft Nursery wind turbine development. It will also secure the appropriate consents and project manage the construction, installation and commissioning of the wind turbine.

The proposed development is likely to use an EWT DW54 500 kW wind turbine. These turbines are highly efficient and have an excellent track record both in the UK and on the continent.

The project will include design and installation of the concrete foundations, access road, two transformers and private 11 kv switchgear and cabling.

As well as exceeding the nursery’s annual demand for electricity, the Blacktoft Nursery wind turbine will be contributing towards the UK government’s carbon reduction targets. A scheme of this size could generate around 1.8 GWh of renewable electricity per year. This is enough to power more than 400 average UK households. It will also displace approximately 740 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

It is hoped that work on the project will commence in late summer.


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