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Access to wind turbine site at Blacktoft Nursery

Access to wind turbine site at Blacktoft Nursery
renewables first - access road to blacktoft nursery wind turbine site

Renewables First – Building access to wind turbine site at Blacktoft Nursery

Key to the viability of any wind turbine project is the ability to deliver all project hardware to the proposed wind turbine site, without incurring major costs.  In this case, access considerations do not just apply to the immediate area surrounding the wind turbine site, but actually extend all the way to nearby Goole Port – the turbine’s point of entry into the country.

Access requirements have been assessed to ensure that the crane required for turbine and tower erection, and turbine and rotor delivery vehicles can all access the wind turbine site.

It’s clear that although an ideal site for a commercial nursery, the immediate road network was never designed with wind turbine developments in mind!  So current measures to improve access to the wind turbine site are a key aspect of the project, enabling the development to come to fruition.

renewables first - creating access to blacktoft wind turbine site

Renewables First – Creating access to Blacktoft wind turbine site.

An access track is currently being constructed on-site to link to the local public highway network. The track is being constructed by scraping back surface material to a depth of 600mm, followed by placing geogrid and a crushed stone surface. The stone was sourced from a local nearby quarry.

Once access to the turbine site is secured, excavation works for the turbine foundations and infrastructure can begin. It is anticipated that this will take place in mid to late August.





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