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Case Study: 15 kW Crossflow turbine in Peak District National Park

Case Study: 15 kW Crossflow turbine in Peak District National Park
Renewables First - Crossflow turbine

Renewables First: Peak District micro hydro site.


 Buxton - 15 kW Crossflow turbine

Peak District micro hydro site.

Year: 2011

Technology: Crossflow turbine

Coanda screen intake 

Output: 15 kW

WRE Role: Design – License – Commission



This 15 kW Crossflow turbine is located on farmland in the Peak District National Park.  Initially the location provided two opportunities for a hydro scheme. One option was to build a high head (35m) low flow scheme (the favored option); the other option was for a lower head (10m) scheme, which could exploit a greater flow of water at a point where three streams converge. The former option was adopted.

WRE undertook the initial feasibility, design and licensing works, as well as installation of the Coanda screens and 15 kW Crossflow turbine and generator. The farm owner undertook much of the civil works, including the trenching, pipe laying and construction of the powerhouse.

 Renewables First - Buxton 15 kW crossflow turbine

Buxton Crossflow turbine utilises a Coanda screen (different site).

 Renewables First - Buxton 15 kW crossflow turbine

Natural step in river at Buxton hydro site.








Given that the upland river is home to significant numbers of brown trout, coupled to the fact that the location is in the Peak District National Park, the Environment Agency wanted to avoid any new water impoundment on the river. This did provide a challenge, as some form of impoundment was required for the coanda screens and intake.  The challenge was met by finding a natural fall (or step) in the river, and to chisel out rock to form a new intake! Coanda screens are useful in an upland context, such as this site, because they comprise a very fine screen, with no moving parts and are low maintenance.

Renewables First - Buxton 15 kW crossflow turbine

Trenching buried in snow at Buxton.

This hydro scheme is an entirely piped system. Water passes through a fine Coanda screen at a rate of 72 litres a second and into a main catchpit or settlement tank. The water then enters a pipeline that snakes its way down the hillside to the powerhouse at the bottom, which houses the 15 kW Crossflow turbine.

The powerhouse is built into a wall adjacent to a public right of way. The construction is very simple, with precast panels on the retaining wall side and then mortared stonework on the visible side.


 Buxton - 15 kW micro hydro scheme

Buxton hydro: 15 kW Cross.flow turbine

The hydro scheme bears a very low impact on the physical environment, thus blending into the beauty of the Peak District National Park.

The scheme is also simple in its design and relatively low cost, given the willingness of the farm owner to undertake much of the civil works.


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