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Commissioning Saddleworth hydro scheme

Commissioning Saddleworth hydro scheme
Renewables First - Commissioning saddleworth hydro scheme

Renewables First – Commissioning Saddleworth hydro scheme at Dovestone Reservoir.

With all components of the scheme installed, commissioning Saddleworth hydro commenced. Commissioning involves a number of sequenced technical and operational checks of the hydro system. This includes routine checks on instrumentation and ancillary equipment, in accordance with the turbine and generator manufacturer’s instructions. Commissioning also involves the testing of all joints, seals, valves and pressures, as well as calibration of sensors and the turbine. Start-up and shut-down tests also form part of the procedure, as well as an operational test.  Once all the checks are satisfied, final handover completes the commissioning process.

The hydro scheme was then handed over to its owners, Saddleworth Community Hydro. The Cross Flow turbine and generator, will now begin its long-term task of generating a continuous and low-carbon flow of power into the electricity grid.

The estimated lifespan of the turbine is 40 years. During this time, the turbine is expected to annually generate 328 MWh’s of clean electricity. This is roughly equivalent to powering 75 UK homes per year. As well as generating income, the Cross flow turbine will also enable an emissions saving of 165 tonnes of CO2 per year.


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