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Cross flow turbine delivered to Dovestone Reservoir

Cross flow turbine delivered to Dovestone Reservoir
Renewables Frst - Saddleworth Community Hydro, cross flow turbine.

Renewables First – taking delivery of the cross flow turbine at Dove Stone reservoir.

The Saddleworth Community Hydro project is now well underway. Various aspects of the project are beginning to converge, including:

  • near completion of a safe and secure turbine house
  • installation of the penstock pipe, which will deliver water to the Crossflow turbine
  • creation of a culvert, connecting the turbine sump with the stilling basin

With these various prerequisites in place, the delivery and installation of the Crossflow turbine and generator was able to commence.

Renewables Frst - Saddleworth Community Hydro, cross flow turbine

Lifting the cross flow turbine and generator.

Renewables Frst - Saddleworth Community Hydro, cross flow turbine

Lowering the Crossflow turbine into position.








The turbine and generator were delivered to the site pre-assembled in order to reduce on-site installation time. This was a significant innovation and enabled us to meet the DEFRA funding deadline with weeks to spare. The turbine was lifted from a crane truck and placed onto the ground level loading platform. It was then lowered and moved into position on the turbine plinth using suitable lifting gear and making use of the hoist beam incorporated into the turbine house roof.

A significant element of the turbine installation was the flow bypass, which enabled compensation flow to be maintained in the event of a turbine shutdown. This had to be fail safe so that the water levels in the Stilling Basin did not drop dangerously low, which could incur a fine from the Environment Agency.

Renewables First: Saddleworth Community Hydro

Cross flow turbine

With the turbine and generator in-situ, all associated electrical and pipe works are now underway. External finishing works to the turbine house were also undertaken. The roof of the turbine house comprises a parapet wall and low maintenance sedum green roof. The overall appearance of the building blends in with the existing infrastructure.

Renewables First - saddleworth community hydro, sedum roof.

Renewables First – Saddleworth Community Hydro / sedum roof



Renewables Frst - Saddleworth Community Hdro, turbine house.

Renewables First – Saddleworth Community Hydro turbine house.




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