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EWT 500 kW turbine delivered and installed at Blacktoft Nursery

EWT 500 kW turbine delivered and installed at Blacktoft Nursery
renewables first - ewt 500 kw turbine

Renewables First – EWT 500 kW turbine blades ready to be lifted.

With the bulk of the civil works at Blacktoft Nursery complete, the electrical and mechanical hardware can now be installed. This transition was dramatically marked by the arrival and installation of the EWT 500 kW turbine, which took place a few days ago.

Due to its size, the EWT 500 kW turbine negotiated the newly created access tracks in a fleet of long vehicles, with each vehicle carrying individual components of the turbine. The three wind turbine blades, each measuring 27 m in length, arrived on one delivery vehicle. The turbine tower totalling 75 m in length arrived on three separate vehicles.

renewables first - blacktoft ewt 500 kW turbine

Wind turbine blades en route to site.

In tandem with the turbine delivery, all of the required lifting equipment, including a 750 tonne crane, arrived on site too. Temporary trackway and a temporary bridge were used to cross local farmland, with careful management required to ensure safe setbacks from electricity cables.

The turbine components were not ground based for long. Once all equipment and hardware had arrived on site, the erection of the wind turbine commenced immediately. Despite several pauses due to strong winds, the turbine erection took only a couple of days.

renewables first - ewt 500 kw turbine tower delivery

Delivery of EWT 500 kW turbine tower, negotiating temporary bridge and overhead cables.

Renewables First - Blacktoft Nursery EWT 500 kW turbine

EWT 500 kW turbine securely installed within sunken foundation.

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