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Pershore Weir hydro scheme commences

Pershore Weir hydro scheme commences
renewables first - pershore weir hydro scheme

Renewables First – Excavation works for Pershore Weir hydro scheme.

Work is now underway for the Pershore Weir hydro scheme.   Renewables First has designed the scheme in order that the twin Archimedean Screws and generator house does not sit directly in the main course of the River Avon.

Therefore, if the turbines can’t be brought to the river, then the river must be brought to the turbines! This requires that some of the water from the river be diverted towards and subsequently away from the Archimedean screws. This will be achieved through the creation of a  newly created inlet and outlet channel.

Renewables First - Pershore weir hydro scheme

Cutting the channel for Pershore Weir hydro scheme.

Renewables First -Pershore Weir hydro scheme.

Excavation works for Pershore Weir hydro scheme.








This requires substantial excavation of material, which is then being transported and spread at a nearby location above the level of the natural flood plain. Depositing the material above the level of the flood plain will not increase the potential flood risk.

Excavation is also being undertaken for the powerhouse and concrete structures that will house the two Archimedean screws and new fish pass.

Given the scale of excavation, the total land footprint of the Pershore Weir hydro scheme is significant. However, later works will ensure that the scheme at blends into or enhances the appearance of the landscape.

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