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Turbine house emerges out of the ground at Dovestone Reservoir

Turbine house emerges out of the ground at Dovestone Reservoir
Saddleworth Community Hydro turbine house construction

Renewables First – Constructing the turbine house superstructure

Work on the turbine house structure is proceeding at pace. With the below-ground levels complete, the visible (above ground) structure is now coming together. Although functional by design, a key design feature of the structure will be its vernacular external appearance. This will ensure that it blends in with the surrounding reservoir infrastructure. When viewed from above, the only visible feature will be its living sedum roof.

For practical purposes, a more functional aspect of the building will be its internal lifting beam, which will be incorporated into the roof structure (see picture below). Given the weight and bulk of the equipment used in the turbine house and combined with its location below ground, it was necessary to incorporate a means of lifting and moving heavy equipment within the building. This primarily relates to the the Crossflow turbine and generator. To this end a hoist beam was designed into the roof of the structure to enable the safe handling and maneuvering of the turbine and generator within the turbine basement.

The Crossflow turbine will soon arrive on site, pre-assembled. It is therefore crucial that sufficient means for the lifting the equipment is in place in time for its arrival. Once the basic structure is complete, the turbine and generator can be lowered and positioned into the basement area.

renewables first - saddleworth community hydro - turbine house hoist beam

Renewables First – Saddleworth Community Hydro / turbine house hoist beam










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