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Wind turbine specification for Blacktoft Nursery

Wind turbine specification for Blacktoft Nursery

Blacktoft Nursery wind turbine specification (EWT DW54).

Blacktoft Nursery will soon be home to a single wind turbine development. Renewables First has proposed the wind turbine specification to comprise the following:

  • EWT DW54 wind turbine with a generating capacity of 500 kW (0.5 MW)
  • Circular concrete foundations of up to 14.5 m diameter, concealed behind a landscaped bund
  • Underground 11 KV cabling
  • Private substation including 11 KV switchgear and 500 kVA transformer
  • Wind turbine substation including 630 KVA transformer
  • Construction of a new section of access track and improvement to the site access

The wind turbine will have a hub height of 73 m and a rotor diameter of 54 m.

Renewables First: EWT 500 kW wind turbine specification

Blacktoft Nursery EWT 500 kW wind turbine specification.


The wind turbine location and model was selected based on a wide range of factors, including:

  • Wind resource
  • Ecological sensitivities
  • Landscape and heritage sensitivities
  • Noise, shadow flicker and visual impact
  • Grid connection
  • Access to site
  • Aviation and telecoms
  • Public Rights of Way
  • On-site electricity demand

It is anticipated that this scheme could generate 1.8 GWh of electricity per year.  It will also displace approximately 740 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.


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