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How is the heat demand calculated?

Accurate heat demand calculations are particularly important for heat pump projects, as it is expensive to oversize systems. For smaller projects, we will carry out heat loss assessments to EN12831, the standard required for MCS certification. This will give a more detailed room-by-room heat load, which is more accurate than using EPC or SAP data.

We specify heat pumps based on their nominal output, which assumes the water source is at 0C. In practice, the minimum temperature is typically 6-8C, which allows a higher heat output. This provides a suitable safety factor to ensure the system can provide more than enough heat for the property.

Are you considering a water source heat pump project ?

Renewables First have considerable experience and full project capability, from initial feasibility study through to system design and installation.

The first step to develop a water source heat pump project is to conduct a Free Initial Heat Pump Assessment.

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Once complete, you will understand the site potential and be guided through the next steps to develop your project.

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