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Is my site suitable for a water-source heat pump?

Any property near water (within around 100 m) is likely to be suitable for a water-source heat pump.

Rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, and the sea are all excellent sources of renewable heat. There are also many other good heat sources, including underground aquifers, wells, sewers and industrial effluents.

Even a small stream in the Scottish Highlands can be a rich source of renewable heat, all year round. For example, if a stream flow of 100 litres/second was reduced in temperature by 2 degrees, this would provide a massive 840 kW of heat.

Lakes and ponds provide at least 1 kW per 50 m2 of surface area (or in other words, 20 kW from 1/4 of an acre). For larger projects, we will carry out software modelling to check the heat capacity of the lake and expected system performance.

The water source should be within around 100 metres from your property, although this can be increased for larger projects. For closed-loop systems, it doesn’t matter if the property is at a higher elevation, as the closed circuit will mean that there are no additional pumping requirements.

Are you considering a water source heat pump project ?

Renewables First have considerable experience and full project capability, from initial feasibility study through to system design and installation.

The first step to develop a water source heat pump project is to conduct a Free Initial Heat Pump Assessment.

Contact us about a free initial assessment today!

Once complete, you will understand the site potential and be guided through the next steps to develop your project.

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