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Windpower Financing and Investing

Windpower projects require significant up front capital expenditure, but once they are operational a good windpower project will run for many years with low operational expenditure. There are a number of options for initial windpower financing including self finance, bank loans or leasing of the site to investors in return for a long-term regular lease payment.

  • If you have a wind site then you will need to cash to develop it. Discover the options available to you to make best use of your wind asset to produce a long-term income.

  • Investing in windpower is one of the few areas where a secure long-term income is available for good quality sites. Find out more about investing in windpower.

  • Obtaining planning permission gives you options to either develop the site yourself, or to sell the consented site to an investor who will develop the site and pay for the project.

  • An alternative to purchasing consented sites is to use our site finding  services in order to obtain a portfolio of sites that have a reasonable change of obtaining planning consent.

Are you considering a wind turbine project?

Renewables First are an experienced wind consultant and have a full project capability, from initial feasibility study through to wind consenting and installation.

The first step to develop any wind power site is to conduct a full Wind Turbine Feasibility Study.

If you are interested in installing a wind turbine, the first step is to Contact us to discuss your requirements and to complete a Wind Turbine Feasibility Study.