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What is a wind turbine project timeline?

The wind turbine project timeline depends on the scale of the project, the site complexity and environmental sensitivity. For a typical single 500 kW wind turbine project it would be reasonable to assume a project duration of two years, broken down as shown on the chart below.

For a medium-wind turbine such as the 55 kW Endurance E-3120, the wind turbine project timeline can be shortened to around a year.

Wind project stages - wind turbine project timeline

Wind project stages – shortest possible timeframe

There are various caveats to add to estimate the wind turbine project timeline:

  • Larger turbines or additional turbines would take longer because of the more complicated planning application and increased scope of supporting surveys.
  • More sensitive sites will take longer because of the increased scope of supporting survey work.
  • For larger projects or sites with complex topography the wind monitoring period should be 12 months.
  • Larger turbines can have longer lead times.

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Want to install a wind turbine?

If you are in the UK then take our Wind Site Self-Assessment - The first step to provide information we need to complete a Windpower Feasibility Study. It takes about 20 minutes to work through the basic checks, including:

  • Estimating wind speed
  • Checking proximity of nearby properties
  • Checking site access and approach roads
  • Investigating connection with the grid

If you are in the Republic of Ireland, or overseas, the first step is to Contact us to discuss your requirements and to complete a Windpower Feasibility Study.

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