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What site access is required?

Good site access is essential.

Wind turbines are large and heavy so site access considerations are of utmost importance to the project. The access roads and tracks to the site need to be capable of taking oversize loads with no weak bridges, excessively tight corners or steep gradients. Obviously as the proposed turbine gets larger, the size of the constituent parts that must be delivered get larger and the access requirements more stringent. The smaller Endurance 55 kW wind turbine is delivered on standard articulated lorries, but all of the others come on special oversize trailers.

If you have a problem with a weak bridge, sometimes a temporary bridge can be constructed over the top.  If there are corners that are too tight; if they are on your own land then the bend could be straightened, but if on another site owner’s land then an agreement to modify the bend must be reached at an early stage of the project.


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Want to install a wind turbine?

If you are in the UK then take our Wind Site Self-Assessment - The first step to provide information we need to complete a Windpower Feasibility Study. It takes about 20 minutes to work through the basic checks, including:

  • Estimating wind speed
  • Checking proximity of nearby properties
  • Checking site access and approach roads
  • Investigating connection with the grid

If you are in the Republic of Ireland, or overseas, the first step is to Contact us to discuss your requirements and to complete a Windpower Feasibility Study.

Start the process here: Take the Wind Site Self-Assessment